Game Modes

6 Entertaining game modes to choose from. Our patented facial recognition software will entertain and amaze your guests. Fully customizable software allows you to earn incredible revenues while your guests leave with a photo souvenir with your name and logo on it.


Gene Machine

See your future child. Morph with a mate or one of our video models. Make your selections and see the resemblance. Every picture will be a cherished Souvenir.


Instant Makeover

See yourself in many different hairstyles and hair colors. Check out the new you. Be daring and have fun. Your guests will love changing their look over and over again.


Magic Morph

See the magic for yourself. Indulge and find the real you. Choose from a host of options and watch as you Morph into your selection. Find your Fantasy world.

new face-paint-

Face Painter

Show your true colors. Pick the style you want and get your face painted.

new fun-frames-

Fun Frames

Play alone or with a friend. Choose a fun frame and the take your picture.

new snap-shots-

Snap Shots

Take a picture alone or with a friend. Smile for the camera and make a lasting souvenir with copies to share.